Proposed District Plan

UPDATE: Further submissions are currently unavailable online because we are preparing for the re-notification of further submissions. It will be back online later this week.

We have encountered some issues while processing the submissions made to the Waikato District Proposed District Plan (Stage 1). There will be some submissions that will need to be added to the published documents. This means we have chosen to extend the deadline for making a further submission. If you were intending to make a further submission this will give you more time to do so.

We are working through the specifics and hope to write to you soon to let you know what the new further submission deadline is.


A further submission is a written statement that allows you to support or oppose other people’s submissions and to have your views considered by the Hearings Panel along with the original submission.

To assist you to make a further submission we have summarised the original submissions we received after the Proposed District Plan was notified in July last year.  (Please view the 'Summary of Submissions' page here.)

You do not need to have made an original submission to make a further submission, but you do need to demonstrate a special interest.  To make a further submission, and to get guidance on how to do so, please 'Make a Further Submission' here.