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Gordonton local area blueprint

We invite you to participate by sharing your knowledge and providing your ideas at a public workshop! 


We are creating the Gordonton Local Area Blueprint and we want to hear what is important to you and your village! 

The Waikato District Blueprint (Blueprint) aims to achieve the overall vision established by Council for the district to create Liveable, Thriving and Connected Communities. The aim of the Blueprint is to provide a high-level ‘spatial picture’ of how the district could progress over the next 30 years, address the community’s social, economic and environmental needs, and respond to its regional context. 

In 2018 we visited a number of towns and villages around the district to hear what was important to these communities and what they wanted to see in their community in the future. During these workshops we heard lots of great ideas. 

In June 2019, the Blueprint was adopted by Waikato District Council. 

We will work with the community to achieve and prioritize the projects or initiatives identified in the Council-led and Community-led Blueprints. In some instances, there may be perfect opportunities for the community to drive a project, with some assistance and/or funding from Waikato District Council and other agencies.  

We began working in your community to develop the Gordonton Local Area Blueprint with a questionnaire seeking your community’s ideas over November 2021 to January 2022, due to COVID-19 restrictions.  

Residents and community groups responded to the questionnaire. They provided their concerns, knowledge and ideas to achieve the community’s wants and needs, now and in the future, to inform the Local Area Blueprint. 

We now look forward to meeting you in person to discuss opportunities and ideas for your community. 

We invite you to participate by sharing your knowledge and providing your ideas at a public workshop! 


We have reviewed the questionnaire responses and note that there are currently projects being undertaken to address many of the issues and progress opportunities raised by the community.  

Gordonton Questionnaire Responses 


  • Recognise historic heritage and mana whenua 
    Waikato District Council will have conversations with the local community and mana whenua to ensure appropriate recognition and celebration of both pakeha and Maori historic heritage is achieved in the future.  
  • Address the lack of identity
    In regard to the lack of identity, Waikato District Council can work with and facilitate discussions amongst the community to determine how to better represent the identity of Port Waikato.  
  • Recognise Gordonton Community Committee
    The Gordonton Community Committee is recognised as a Tier 2 Committee within Waikato District Council. Although an Executive Leadership Team member does not attend this committee’s meetings, an allocated Local Ward Councillor (Councillor Woolerton) does attend the Gordonton Committee Meetings and brings forth all concerns and opportunities in your community to Council.  

Social/Community Facilities 

  • Provide playgrounds
    Waikato District Council is currently planning to design and deliver a playground within the Hukanui Reserve. Discussions have been undertaken with the community, whom seek the delivery of a  funded large destination playground. There is also funding available for a new playground at Woodlands.  
  • Support and enhance local facilities, e.g. community hall, reserves, Woodlands Estate etc.
    It is important to note that Waikato District Council will continue to support and enhance local facilities. 
  • Support and enable activities to support families and youth
    Waikato District Council can support and facilitate community activities through growing the community’s capabilities and capacity, and create connections with key persons and groups. 
  • Provide a sports facility/centre
    There is currently no funding available for the provision of a sports facility/centre under the Long Term Plan. This could be added as a future project that may be community funded.  
  • Provide additional public toiletsThe Council are currently reviewing the toilets strategy, and will take this into consideration.

It is important to note that any community or social aspirations may be facilitated by the Council. It can support community activities/facilities through growing the community’s capabilities and capacity, and create connections with key persons and groups to enable the provision of funding and social uplifting. 

Growth/Land Use 

  • Allow for more appropriate commercial activities and economic growth, (e.g. petrol station/supermarket)
    Waikato District Council will undertake investigations to consider if and where it would be appropriate to learmark additional land for commercial uses.  
  • Address “city creep”Waikato District Council cannot address growth within the Hamilton City boundary, however we can confirm that Gordonton is not expected to growth further than what is provided for in the Proposed Waikato District Plan (Decisions Version).  


  • Improved Public Transport
    Discussion regarding public transport links between Gordonton and Hamilton must be undertaken with Waikato Regional Council, who are responsible for the public bus network. Council can assist with this.  
  • Improve the amenity of Gordonton Road and throughout the villageWaikato District Council will work with the community to discuss how best to improve amenity along Gordonton Road and throughout the village.  
  • Further need to address road safety and speedWaikato District Councill will address safety and speed along Gordonton Road, once Waka Kotahi officially revoke State Highway 1B and reinstate the road to Waikato District Council.  
  • Enable better connections throughout Gordonton and towards Woodlands (e.g. walking, cycling, roading, one-lane bridge)Waikato District Council have planned for a footpathalong College Drive to be constructed within the life-span of the current Long Term Plan. 
    Waikato District Council will need to undertake an investigation and assessment to justify pedestrian and cycleways from Gordonton to Woodlands, and Gordonton to Rototuna. 
  • Consider the one-lanebridgeWaikato District Council supports retaining the one-lane bridge, however there is a need to reassess it to ensure it is safe for pedestrians and cyclists. 

Blueprint examples

Lake Kainui

The Horotiu Local Area Blueprint identified the need to “Extend routes around the peat lakes for recreation”. A full loop recreational pathway around Lake Kainui was completed in 2021 . This project enabled public access to the peat lakes and is a blueprint win! 

Lake Kainui track

Tamahere Community Hub

The Tamahere Local Area Blueprint identified the need to “Support the activation of the Hub Development”. As a result, Waikato District Council has delivered an office and community space within Tamahere’s hub. The various spaces available can be booked by residents. The office and community space promotes activation within the Tamahere Hub and is a blueprint win! 

Tamahere Community Hub


The Meremere Local Area Blueprint identified the need to “Provide support to beautification initiatives, assisting with community pride in the place. Consider streetscape, entrance signs, house numbers.” 

Houses in Meremere now have a very distinguishing feature – house numbers. House numbers are important to Meremere as the township doesn’t have letterboxes. This means emergency services rely on house numbers for location. Toi Ako Artspace from nearby Te Kauwhata led the Meremere Street Number Project in partnership with Meremere local artist, Melysa Tapiata. The project was funded by a donation from the Te Kauwhata Community Committee, and Meremere residents were able to attend one of six offered workshops where they would create their own painted or mosaic street number. Alternatively, residents were able to order a mosaic kit and design their own number at home.  

Almost 100 residents participated in some way, producing 80 colour creative and inspiring home numbers for the village. This is a blueprint win!