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Gordonton local area blueprint

We began this process with Gordonton in late 2021 and heard what was important to you. You told us what you wanted to see in your community in the future. We heard lots of great ideas and a number of these initiatives that relate to themes such as identity, nature, iwi, communities, growth, economy, transport, infrastructure and governance. The highest priority is given to the initiatives identified within the categories of ‘Continue’ and ‘Top’.

The initiatives for Gordonton identified under the ‘Continue’ category include:

  • Continue to redevelop Hukanui Park with a playground, seating, and possible other recreation facilities, while ensuring the history of the heritage buildings in and around the park is celebrated, as well as iwi cultural aspects, considering local reserve status, infrastructure limitations, and Building Code requirements.
  • Continue with plans to improve the amenity of Gordonton Road as part of the revocation.
  • Continue with the upgrade of College Drive with footpaths and lighting, and provide a timeframe for these works.

The ‘top’ initiatives identified for the community of Gordonton include:

  • Facilitate the re-establishment of the markets.
  • Identify if, how much, and where, possible additional residential and commercial land beyond the existing zoning could be located and what this means for infrastructure and the role and design of Gordonton Road.

View the Local Area Blueprint initiatives in more detail below or download the Waikato District Blueprint for more information.