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Tauwhare local area blueprint

Prior to the 2023 review, the Tauwhare community did not have a Local Area Blueprint. Regardless of not having an existing Local Area Blueprint, the Tauwhare Community Committee submitted an independent table of Local Area Blueprint initiatives. The Tauwhare Community Committee noted that they brainstormed and prioritised issues for including in their Local Area Blueprint in February 2023.

A community consultation meeting with the wider community was held in May 2023. Council considered and adopted the Local Area Blueprint initiatives developed solely by the Tauwhare Community Committee. Waikato District Council staff and Urbanismplus were not involved in the development of the Tauwhare Local Area Blueprint.

The top priorities for Tauwhare include:

  • Extend the footpath network to ensure safe walking throughout the village; and
  • Calm the traffic through the village to reduce speed and improve safety. 
  • Increase beautification of the village to enhance its appeal.