Raglan local area blueprint


Population: 3,115 (2016 estimate) with growth projected to reach 3,611 by 2045.

We came to Raglan in October 2018 and heard what was important to you. We heard what you wanted to see in your community in the future. We heard lots of great ideas and a number of these initiatives can be found below. 

We came back to you in 2019 to hear what your top three priorities are for Raglan.

These top priorities will be used by Council when they’re making decisions

Download the Waikato District Blueprint for more information.

In early 2019 we asked you for your top three priorities from the below:

  • Identity

    • Build on the strong identity of Raglan based on the unique qualities of the local area. Consider nature, regeneration, environmental initiatives, the arts and surfing.
  • Nature

    • Support Raglan Naturally in their prioritised local initiatives.
    • Support community in zero waste initiatives, spreading learning across the district.
  • Iwi

    • Support a strong Maaori culture, including education on the Treaty of Waitangi, respecting tangata whenua and creating Te Reo signage.
  • Communities

    • Extend free wi-fi around the library and i-Site
    • Support the Whaingaroa Raglan Affordability Project
    • Support entities undertaking youth social initiatives
    • Support the development of the Wi Neera Street ‘old surgery’ building as a community hub for locals, youth skills, cultural and environmental exchange (OMG Tech)
    • Investigate the development of a recreation centre and bringing sports together.
  • Growth

    There are no specific priorities relating to this topic for Raglan. For district-wide priorities on this theme, see Growth.

  • Economy

    • Support initiatives by the tech and visitor sectors to address youth unemployment
    • Promote the formation of a business hub for high tech promotion and exchange
    • Consider how to support community in creating additional and sustaining local jobs in tourism
    • Consider a bed tax to compensate for increased waste and to support housing affordability initiatives
    • Investigate opportunities for short-stay courses
    • Identify if, how much and where possible additional employment land for office development is needed beyond the zoning in the Proposed District Plan
    • Identify if, how much and where possible additional employment land for retail development is needed beyond the zoning in the Proposed District Plan.
  • Transport

    • Extend walking and cycling network, including Whale Bay
    • Improve traffic safety around the school
    • Develop a parking strategy
    • Refer to the district-wide initiatives for the promotion of passenger transport services, including opportunities for commuters.
  • Infrastructure

    • Resolve wastewater and water reticulation issues.
  • Governance

    • Partner with Raglan Naturally in respect to planning processes
    • Refer to district-wide proposals regarding community boards and committees
    • Investigate whether Harbour Board income is used local.