Ohinewai local area blueprint


We came to Ohinewai in October 2018 and heard what was important to you. You told us what you wanted to see in your community in the future. We heard lots of great ideas and a number of these initiatives can be found below. We came back to you in 2019 to hear what your top three priorities are for Ohinewai.

The top priority initiatives for Ohinewai  include:

  • Building a strong identity for the town.
  • Clarifying the future of the reserve.
  • Ensuring that possible expansion addresses its own impacts (such as traffic, noise, and visual), and ensuring it contributes positively to the local community.

We visited again in June/July 2020 to discuss who should lead each of these initiatives for Ohinewai. This latest round of feedback asked for your thoughts on the priority ranking and who should be leading each initiative. Is the priority still top, or is something else more important. Should Council or the community, or perhaps a mix of both, be leading the initiative? Feedback closed on 17 July.

View your Local Area Blueprint initiatives in more detail below or download the Waikato District Blueprint for more information. 

Proposed initiatives for Ohinewai:


  • Identity

    • Build a strong identity based on the river corridor and the unique qualities of the local area. In particular, consider the ferry landing.
  • Nature

    • Clarify the future of the reserve.
  • Communities

    • Review accessibility to/for emergency services.
    • Support community initiatives for an area tidy up, addressing rubbish and weeds.
    • Extend the Council’s fruit tree planting programme.
    • Undertake the paint initiative for ‘Cowboys’.
    • Assist with the set up of social media and website communications within the community.
    • Provide Council support to local events.
    • Support the expansion of the school and increase in childcare provision. Consider whether the hall can double.
  • Growth

    • Investigate the potential for larger residential lots west of State Highway 1 and a mix of larger and smaller lots (for affordability) east of State Highway 1.
    • If the development application progresses, then ensure possible expansion addresses its own impacts (such as traffic, noise and visual). Ensure it contributes positively to the local community e.g. by offering more convenience retail, improving housing affordability, new walking and cycling connections, improving the viability of the school etc.
  • Transport

    • Create tracks on the stop bank along the Waikato River and around Lake Ohinewai.
    • Add a pedestrian/cycling ‘clip-on’ onto the Tahuna Road bridge over the railway and over State Highway 1.
  • Infrastructure

    • Insert fibre internet with other services.