Ngaruawahia local area blueprint


Population: Ngaruawahia: 5,424 (2016 estimate) with growth projected to reach 5,615 by 2045

We came to Ngaruawahia in August 2018 and heard what was important to you. We heard what you wanted to see in your community in the future. We heard lots of great ideas and a number of these initiatives can be found below. 

We came back to you in 2019 to hear what your top three priorities are for Ngaruawahia.

These top priorities will be used by Council when they’re making decisions.

Download the Waikato District Blueprint for more information.


In early 2019 we asked you for your top three priorities from the below:

  • Identity

    • Build a strong identity based on the river corridor and the unique qualities of the local area. For Ngaruawhia consider Te Kiingitanga, the confluence of the Waipa and Waikato Rivers and the Hakarimata Range
    • Erect signage at the entry points to Ngaruawahia, refer to its unique local identity and to promote tourism.
  • Nature

    • Undertake a pest control project in the Hakarimata Range. Consider this as an opportunity for a community-led conservation project.
  • Iwi

    • Promote local cultural tourism by local iwi.
  • Communities

    • Strategic conversations around Council-owned land and halls for the reinvigoration of community assets
    • Produce a planting plan and social space at Te Mana o te Rangi reserve
    • Work with relevant entities to support the strategy for youth initiatives
    • Address freedom camping issues.
  • Growth

    • Extend the business zone.
  • Economy

    • Set standards to ensure tidy commercial and industrial street frontages
    • Promote water-based recreation opportunities, including the development of a café
    • Promote the idea of recreational opportunities in and around the Hakarimata Range, consider a gondola or a waterslide
    • Identify if, how much, and where possible additional employment land for office development is needed beyond the zoning in the Proposed District Plan
    • Identify if, how much, and where possible additional employment land for retail development is needed beyond the zoning in the Proposed District Plan.
  • Transport

    • Upgrade pedestrian connections in the town centre and to the Te Awa river ride
    • Investigate opportunities for traffic calming and speed reductions on Great South road through the town centre and for improved east-west connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists
    • Provide longer distance walking and cycling connections to Te Otamanui, Glen Massey, the eastern side of the Waikato river to Horotiu and Taupiri
    • Refer to the district-wide initiatives for the promotion of passenger transport services, including opportunities for commuters.
  • Infrastructure

    • Resolve wastewater and water reticulation issues
    • Install or upgrade toilet facilities.
  • Governance

    There are no specific priorities relating to this topic for Ngaruawahia. For district-wide priorities on this theme, see Governance.