Tuakau local area blueprint


Population: 4,639 (2016 estimate) with growth projected to reach 10,147 by 2045

We first came to Tuakau in August 2018 and heard what was important to you. You told us what you wanted to see in your community in the future. We heard lots of great ideas and a number of these initiatives can be found below. We then came back to you in 2019 to hear what your top three priorities are for Tuakau.

The top priority initiatives for Tuakau include:

  • Building a strong identity for the town.
  • Supporting local initiatives for a community hub.
  • Developing a sports and recreation hub, possibly incorporating the Council ’s pool.
  • Enhancing library services.
  • Building public toilets.

We visited again in June/July 2020 to discuss who should lead each of these initiatives for Tuakau. This latest round of feedback asked for your thoughts on the priority ranking and who should be leading each initiative. Is the priority still top, or is something else more important. Should Council or the community, or perhaps a mix of both, be leading the initiative? Feedback closed on 17 July.

View the Local Area Blueprint initiatives in more detail below or download the Waikato District Blueprint for more information. 


Proposed initiatives for Tuakau:

  • Identity

    • Build a strong identity based on the river corridor and the unique qualities of the local area. Highlight heritage and historic sites, and consider Sir Edmund Hillary and the history of trade for passing waka.

  • Communities

    • Support the local initiative to establish a community hub, which may be partially privately funded
    • Support the community’s aspirations for an emergency services hub
    • Develop a sports and recreation facility, including consideration of incorporation of the Council's pool facility.
    • Support and enhance library services
    • Install lighting and CCTV for safety
  • Growth

    • Consider areas for expansion, reconciling possible growth demand with high class soils and contours.
    • Address the interface between residential and industrial land. Consider sports fields as a buffer.
  • Economy

    • Prepare a town centre strategy considering character, provision of green spaces, streetscape upgrades, mix of uses, anchors etc
    • Consider employment uses south of the town centre along River Road
    • Establish a Designers and Makers cluster
    • Establish a Designer Food cluster
    • Investigate opportunities for short-stay courses
    • Ensure that the timing of job creation aligns with residential growth
    • Prepare a strategy for the promotion of Tuakau for living and visiting
    • Identify if, how much and where possible additional employment land for office development is needed beyond the zoning in the Proposed District Plan
    • Identify if, how much and where possible additional employment land for retail development is needed beyond the zoning in the Proposed District Plan
  • Transport

    • Provide advocacy for the widening of existing, and/or the construction of new road connections to State Highway 1.
    • Create a Park and Ride for public transport.
  • Infrastructure

    • Build public toilets.